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Voddio Management Console handles all your communications. Find any reporter by their current location. Message them instantly, or message entire groups of reporters. Even providing free calls over cellular and long-distance, through our exclusive Click to Call feature.

Desk editors can communicate directly with their reporters through the Voddio messaging system. There are a variety of ways to send a message. The easiest way is find the reporter, view their profile, and then click on the Message button. Type your message, and press Send.

Voddio also lets you track all your messages as well. Click on the Messages tab at the top of the browser window. Click on the name of the person who sent the message. All messages going back and forth on a topic will be displayed, with the most recent at the top. You can also search for a message or person using the search bar at the top right.

Group messaging is another convenient way to communicate with reporters. This allows the desk editor to communicate simultaneously with all of the reporters in their unit.

Web Calling

In addition to communicating through the assignments and messages functions, Voddio allows desk editors, or deskers, to communicate more easily by phone. To call a reporter, simply search for the person’s profile and click phone. Enter the phone number of the phone you plan to use for the call. Then click on the ‘Call’ button.

The reporter will then be called, and told to hold. Then, your phone will ring. When you answer the phone, you will be connected with the reporter. The major advantage of this system is that when you call, there are no per minute cellphone charges, and no long distance charges.