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Our mission is to create and discover new tools for journalists. Today, the media industry faces huge challenges. The key to viability is in adopting technologies that can radically lower the cost of production for both news content and advertising. Our answer is Voddio: The world’s first end-to-end solution, integrating mobile journalism apps, into an advanced content management system, and finally into an infinitely scalable playout system.

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Companies adopting VeriCorder’s Voddio system can create and operate online media networks at a fraction of the cost for competing systems. Voddio starts with content and ad creation and ends with playout on your network. Use part of our system or the whole package to create your own web media network.

Create content with our Voddio Apps. Transfer media fast through the Voddio Management Console. Publish media online with the Voddio Network System. Combine content with ads, with our automated content management system.

Stephen Puddicombe

If you are a mobile journalist you owe it to yourself to check out Voddio by Vericorder. Multi-track audio, multi-track video… it is easy, fast and professional… My mobile journalism class was using it like pros within minutes of shooting their video. It's so straight forward there really isn't much to say about it except it is good!

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