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By Journalists. For Journalists.

VeriCorder was founded by Gary Symons, a journalist with more than 20 years experience as a field reporter working in newspapers, radio and television. A pioneer in mobile journalism, Gary developed one of the first wireless reporting field kits, but was frustrated by the limitations of cumbersome equipment and unreliable technology.

His goal was to re-invent how mobile journalism is done: solving one of the most basic problems facing the broadcasting and journalism industry – how to easily and quickly record, edit and send media content wirelessly from anywhere to anywhere. To file the story and broadcast without returning to the office.

Gary’s vision has since expanded to content delivery. Media consumption patterns have changed, the new platforms require new solutions to create and deliver content. VeriCorder has developed the software for media companies to cost effectively work in the web based media market.

VeriCorder has designed the Voddio System as the first comprehensive system to build and sustain a successful hyper local network: Mobile apps to create and distribute low-cost content; Automated Content Management; Intelligent Ad Sales Creation and Distribution; Mobile Content Applications; Video On Demand; Reliable, fast hosting.

VeriCorder Technology is a family-owned company based in Kelowna, BC.