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Social Media

The Social Media Module allows you to create your own, dedicated social media network. Ideal for sports teams, educational institutions, or media networks.

The Social Media Module allows you to easily manage your own social media network and user generated content. Registered users can add, edit and delete their own posts,

on their own pages, on the Voddio site. Users can also post video, images, and audio content directly through the uploader on the site itself, or through the Voddio App on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

An Activity Feed displays all their activity. Users can follow other users, and join ‘Groups’ so they can submit content to a Group Page. For example, a site for a sports league could create a ‘Group’ site for each team, and fans of that team could submit content to that team’s site, all within the larger network.

Hot or Trending stories float to the top of the Main page for every section … and popular contributors are identified by their trending videos. Users can log in using their emails, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts. As well, when fans submit content, it can be posted simultaneously to their other social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Site administrators can monitor all activity through a central module, and can even communicate directly with groups of contributors, or even individual contributors, through an internal messaging system. For example, an administrator could send a message or promotional offer to everyone attending a particular hockey game, directly to their mobile devices.