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Voddio Network System

Designed to create a media network without an IT department and very little web administration. An instant network big or small scalable as needed. Easy workflow, no coding required. Desktop and mobile versions.

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A media network with the ability to upload stories, videos and other media from the Voddio App or from a computer to the online content management system. Including one seat of the Voddio Management Console to administer content and contributors.

For customers who have a site, but need video, we still sell Voddio TV, which replaces the VeriTV product. It allows for fully automated posting from reporters in the field, using the Voddio App.

Single Media Site

If you only need a single site to publish stories to, inquire about our Voddio Media Site. Same features with a single admin and a single site in your network.


Additional Features

  • User Roles

    Choose which users are admins or moderators of uploaded stories.

  • Widgets

    Customize your sidebar with dynamic content relating to your network.

  • Theme Options

    Change the look and feel of your network to match your brand.

  • Navigation

    Add pages and other links to your navigation enabling visitors to find new content.

  • Hosting

    Plan includes 1/2 terabyte of downloads per month on a blazing fast CDN network.

Training & Support

Your deployment of the Voddio Network System comes with online training for the system administration, online training sessions for the group trainers in the Voddio App and training videos posted directly on your site.