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Invite, Add and Remove Reporters

Most newsroom systems let you manage your content but they’re not very good at managing your reporters and content creators.

That’s where the Reporter Management Module comes in. The Reporter Management Module is an online, cloud-based console to manage reporters and the editorial content they create. The Reporter Management Module can be integrated into existing news room systems or it can be used with a Voddio Network System. Content can be sent in through the Voddio App or directly from a reporter’s computer.


  • Manage reporters information
  • Search and map reporters, using data and gps
  • Include anyone in your data base who has access to the Voddio App or a computer
  • Turn access on and off instantly
  • Assign reporters with a specific send target
  • Console sends targets to the reporters account on the console as well as updates the Voddio App to send directly into the target