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Managing Groups or News Bureaus

Companies can quickly expand their operations by using the groups function. A group is created when you have a number of reporters who all need access to the same ‘targets’. For example, you may be adding a news bureau in Chicago to your network, and you have five reporters you need to add to that group.

Voddio lets you add a new ‘Group’ or ‘Newsroom’ called ‘Chicago’. Add the reporters to that group, and with the click of a button, those reporters can be given access to your network. With the Voddio Network System, you can also create an entirely new website for your Chicago bureau in just 15 minutes.

Within about five seconds or so, all of the reporters in that group will now have the ability to send stories directly to that target, either from their laptops using their own Voddio Management Console, or from the Voddio App. The app will update with the new targets periodically.

You can add or remove target destinations to any group at any time. You can also add or remove reporters.

Groups are an important concept when communicating with your reporters, as group messaging allows you to send messages simultaneously to every reporter within the selected group.