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Voddio Management Console

An online, cloud-based console to manage reporters and the editorial content they create. Can be integrated into existing news room systems or it can be used with a Voddio Network System. Content can be sent in through the Voddio App or directly from a reporter’s computer.

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Allows the editor to assign stories and control the destinations that receive the content, which arrives automatically encoded for playout. When the story is assigned, the target destinations are created and the target appears on the reporter’s page, or directly on the Voddio App.

The Voddio Management Console allows the assignment editor to monitor stories coming in through a newswire, and then post that story online with two clicks of a mouse.

Handle all of your communications. Find any reporter by their current location. Message them instantly, or message entire groups of reporters. The Voddio Management Console even provides free calls over cellular and long-distance, through our exclusive Click to Call feature.


The Voddio workflow is based on reporters, groups and targets. A reporter is someone who can send into your system. As a desker you invite them in. A group is a collection of reporters who file to predetermined targets. Any reporter can be a member of more than one group. A group can include one or more targets. As a desker you create and administer groups.

A target is a send destination, it can be a channel on the Voddio Network System, ftp folder, watch folders or custom integration for newsroom content management systems. The targets can be created within the Voddio Network System either by the administrator or by VeriCorder if it is a custom integration.

The desker's job is both to manage these functions as well as create and manage the assignments as they come in.