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Export & Sending

Render Video In Different Resolutions

Render videos using the iOS hardware codec with selectable resolutions up to 1080p, and bitrates up to 24 Mbps.

Use our server-based transcoding service to deliver audio and video in the exact formats you need.

Smart transcoding for multiple platforms, eg. mobile, web, TV, radio. Voddio will even strip the audio from a video file, re-encode the audio to .wav or .mp3, and send it to your radio newsroom system.

Send Large Files

Voddio includes our exclusive sending protocol for secure, resumable, and reliable store & forward sending of large files over Wi-Fi or cellular 3G networks, operating seamlessly in the background.

Voddio includes simple Integration through the Voddio Management Console into the Voddio Network System, or your own website content management system.

Voddio also includes the ability to send automatic or manually entered metadata. Fill in the headlines, bylines, location, and add a text story to the media file, and Voddio will publish it automatically to your system of choice. Voddio can also post simultaneously to your social media feeds, such as Twitter and Facebook. Our Apps can be integrated into our customer’s current newsroom systems.

Apps will automatically add required metadata for automatic ingest to our content management system, or to other newsroom systems for both text and media files.