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VeriCorder Technology Inc - Hardware


The best mobile reporting hardware and accessories that enhance the overall quality of video and audio recorded on your mobile device with the Voddio App.

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Voddio Apps

Mobile Reporting

Create, provide and share mobile content, record, edit and send stories from the field direct to a news systems through our Voddio Management Console. It arrives on target from the Voddio App, encoded and ready to play on multiple platforms and social media sites.

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Voddio Management Console

Newsroom Management

An online, cloud-based console to manage reporters and the editorial content they create. The Voddio Management Console can be integrated into existing news room systems or it can be used with a Voddio Network System. Content can be sent in through the Voddio App or direct from a reporter’s computer.

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Voddio Network System

Online Publishing

A media network with the ability to upload stories, videos and other media from the Voddio App or from a computer to the online Voddio Network System. Editors post stories easily after reviewing the content. Much more than just a video platform, Voddio handles audio, text and video posts, classified ad management, event listings, restaurant and business directories.

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