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Voddio For Training

Anyone who’s tried to create their own training videos and online webinars can testify to how difficult it is to create and publish quality video.

The new Voddio system makes it easy, and far more affordable, than ever before. Create broadcast quality video with the Voddio editing app. Publish direct to your own multichannel, multimedia site. Distribute to anyone in your network easily and affordably. Stage live, interactive webinars in a ‘Talk Show’ format with up to 2,500 participants.

Voddio does it all with one simple, but extraordinarily powerful system that will revolutionize the way your organization provides in-house training.

Affordably priced, Voddio is an infinitely scaleable system that can cover the needs of even the largest corporations, government, and educational institutions. Create an infinite number of separate training websites, each managed independently. Create and post your content using the most advanced mobile editing suite on the market today. Improve your video and audio quality, using VeriCorder’s unique line of lenses, microphones and adapters for the iPhone and iPod platform.

Increase your productivity, and improve your training materials, all with Voddio.