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Voddio For Schools & Universities

Web video has become a constant presence in our lives. It’s an accepted and expected part of communications for any institution. Whether it’s podcasting lectures, sporting and community events, or straight news from your journalism department, the challenge is how to produce and publish videos of your lectures or your students’ work and have control and ownership of the final product.

Voddio provides an economical way to turn your website into a web tv production studio. It also allows you to control access to the site and retain copyright of your content.

The Voddio System gives you have a custom multimedia production house. A sophisticated, multichannel Video On Demand player that includes an advanced Video Content Management System. It can be networked over hundreds of sites, or offer dozens of channels and sub-channels on a single site. Post content created with our integrated editing Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, or use traditional video recording and editing. Voddio will serve the entire needs of your school.

Use it for your university administration, sporting events, your student newspaper or broadcast station, local student government, the arts and so on. Showcase your school on your own network: Voddio offers an automated Content Management System. Our simple but powerful interface gives you the ability to easily post and manage stories, on multiple channels.

Students and faculty can record video on an iPhone; edit their video into a story or podcast using Voddio software; and the story is automatically ingested into the Web TV system, ready for broadcast in the format of your choice.