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Voddio For Radio Stations

The future of media lies in adopting new technologies that radically lower the cost of production for both news content and advertising. Enter the iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone and Voddio.

Voddio is a full service audio editing App that will replace your Marantz and editing suite. Use the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to record, edit and send direct to your station from the field. Add an XLR Adapter and you can record high quality audio using any XLR Mic and monitor the audio with headphones as it comes in.

Voddio is an advanced audio editor on a mobile device, and yet it is simple enough for anyone to use. Multitrack editing with sophisticated tools, including volume curve, mixing, trim, and more, all done with a flick of a finger. Includes VeriCorder’s innovative, patent-bending ‘bungee block’ technology, making it faster than any sound editor on the planet.

Cost Effective Online Media Network

VeriCorder has developed an end-to-end solution, integrating mobile journalism Apps, into an advanced content management system, and finally into an infinitely scaleable playout system.