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Voddio For Newspapers

The media world is changing, and newspapers face a time of great challenges, but equally of great opportunities.

As content moves online, newspapers hold the advantage that they are generally the news source of record in most communities. They have the largest news gathering staffs, and the most experience in providing in depth coverage. But newspapers also need to adjust to the new reality of competing in the online space and that’s where Voddio can give your company the critical edge.

Our new Voddio publishing system offers a cutting edge solution, making it easier than ever before to launch and operate an online media network.

Provide your reporters with our Voddio App and integrate those apps direct to your existing newsroom system and our Voddio Network System. Manage both content and your reporters with the Voddio Management Console.

Increase your productivity. Lower your production costs. Monetize your content. Dominate your local markets, all with Voddio.