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Voddio For Emerging Media

The world is changing for media companies. Where television, publishers, and radio once dominated the media space. Today the market is moving online. This creates a great opportunity for young, emerging media companies.

The problem is, how best to capture that market? The Voddio system offers a cutting edge solution, making it easier than ever before to launch and operate an online media network. Whether you’re operating in a single market, or planning to take over the world, Voddio will meet your needs.

When Grassroots News International had a vision of launching a community-based news network around the world, they turned to Voddio. Now, their contributors can record and edit broadcast-quality content on their iPhones or an iPod Touch, and publish with the click of a button. Editors control all their reporters, their mobile devices, and their content through a powerful new management tool called Voddio Management Console.

Publishing – even in dozens or hundreds of communities simultaneously – is a breeze, thanks to the Voddio Network System. Increase your productivity. Lower your cost. Monetize your content. Dominate your market, all with Voddio.