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Voddio For Journalism Education

The future of journalism is being shaped by the evolution of new technology. While the importance of story telling and quality content remains central, the means and medium for publication change. Journalism schools teach the next generation of reporters the skills to both tell the story and work in today’s job market with convergent mobile journalism.

The Role of Video in News and Marketing

PSP Southampton Boatshow kindly provided ICM Business Video and the students and lecturers form Southampton Solent University with tickets to allow us to use this story rich environment.

The pressures on journalists are growing to do more with less and do it more quickly.

The technology and the approaches used during the making of these films enables journalists to achieve just that.

The films on this site were shot on an iPhone, edited on the phone and sent automatically to the web.

The entire system can be linked into a specific news-server or web site permiting the remote publication of an entire multimedia story which includes video, text, still photographs and a separate audio piece.

Not only does this make life easier for journalists but it opens up entirely new approaches for the corporate sector to use video to engage with their customers and potential customers.

News Source

The question for educators is which technology will these students be using in the future, and in what format will the news appear? Will most jobs be in the traditional media setting, based around print, TV networks or radio stations?

We believe that the jobs of the future will be online and multi-media, with reporters expected to file to the web, to the radio station, to the TV station or to the print newsroom. With this in mind, we have developed a new set of tools that does it all.

The VeriCorder solution is based around the iPhone or iPod Touch, enhanced with hardware to improve the video quality. The entry point into the online system is the Voddio App, designed to work as a professional video editor and portal to an online publishing network. With Voddio the user can file stories to an existing online system or can work automatically with a custom Voddio system. The Voddio system can be anything from a one page video blog to a complete hyperlocal network.

With Voddio you can file a video story, a text story and an audio story simultaneously. If you have the full Voddio system it can post to the video player, to the text blog page, automatically insert the headline and go out to multiple twitter feeds.